MVP Development

Get top-notch MVP development services that guarantee quick time-to-market, scalability, and customer satisfaction.


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Do you have an idea of a product and want to bring it to life?

We can provide you with a full custom software development starting with a Project Discovery. Discovery is the scoping and initial stage in software development cycle where the main focus is on exploring and clarifying the vision, goals, and scope of the project. During the Discovery our team plans an entire product development cycle, checks if your product concept is viable, feasible and usable.


Project Team

RocheGrup Softwares provides professionals for your project discovery. You will work with a project manager, and the team includes:

Project Management

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects, while managing scope, timeline, budget, and resources, in order to achieve project objectives and deliverables.

Market Research

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst is responsible for analyzing business processes, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

UI/UX Design

UX/UI Designers

The UX/UI Designer is responsible for creating and designing user-centered digital interfaces and experiences that are visually appealing, intuitive, and functional.


SOFTWARE Architect

The software architect is responsible for designing and overseeing the development of complex software systems, ensuring that they are scalable, maintainable, and meet the needs of clients.

Web Development

WEB Developers

The web developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining web applications and sites, utilizing programming languages, frameworks, and other tools to create functional and visually appealing user experiences.

Mobile Development

Mobile Developers

The mobile developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining mobile applications for various platforms, utilizing programming languages, frameworks, and other tools to create functional and visually appealing user experiences.



The Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible for developing and implementing testing strategies and procedures, identifying and reporting defects, and ensuring that software products and systems meet quality standards and user requirements.

Cloud infrastructure

Devops Engineers

The DevOps engineer is responsible for automating and optimizing software development, deployment, and operations processes, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration between development and operations teams.

MVP Workflow in 7 steps


The Idea is the first step in the creation of any product. Will the product succeed on the market? Does anybody need it at all? How to implement it the right way? We will answer all these questions and more to help you make the final decision. We identify product features and whatspecific technologies your idea should be built on. To ensure that your project will fit the market, our team conducts market research.

You receive a Project Requirements Document, which includes all business and technical requirements and lists out all functionality for your future product and a Market analysis.


At this stage we gather feedback to determine what is most important for MVP. When do you need certain deliverables? What project functionality is most important to you? We answer those questions and more through defining the key features of your product, project scope, short and long term goals.

You receive a Project Development Roadmap with iterations and risk estimations, as well as aTeam Composition for developing the MVP.


We deliver a completed statement of work with cost estimates and suggested timelines for the MVP development. We make sure you have a clear understanding of the scope of work, the project timeline and the costs.

You receive a Project Proposal with Timelines & Cost estimates for the MVP development from our team.


Wireframing & Prototyping is the most important step in the whole development process. This stage determines the product’s functionality and allows to make mistakes to avoid them in the future. We deliver the product wireframes based on your specific needs and additional UX & Market research conducted by our team.

You receive Wireframes, which provide a clear overview of the page structure, user flow and functionality, which shapes your future product.


With the prototype reviewed and agreement obtained, we'll begin the MVP development. Development is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise and contains many pitfalls. We know how to lead your project the right way and always find the perfect balance between your product and your budget.

You receive a Developed Product, with Source Code and Tech Documentation for further Technical maintenance.


Why testing stage is important? And which test type to use and when? There are manual and automated tests, integration tests, load tests, smoke tests, acceptance tests and so many more. We'll help you out here and recommend exactly what you need to make the release of your product perfect.

You receive Testing Plan & Reports


Here we launch the MVP, fully developed and tested. We can also provide you with all the necessary packaging like landing pages and other marketing materials you may need for the release. We are always there for you to help with anything that you may need during post-release support.

You receive a Ready to use Product with Source Code and Tech Documentation for further Technical maintenance.

MVP Deliverables


Project Requirements Document

Market & Business Analysis


Developed & Tested Product

Source Code & Tech Documentation

Test Plan & Reports


Timelines & Costs Estimates

Project Development Roadmap


Wireframes & UI Mockups

Clickable Prototypes

Custom Software Development Pricing

Demo Software

starting from $10 000

up to $50 000

Minimum Viable Product
Utility software

starting from $30 000

up to $150 000

Consumer facing Web or Mobile Application with UX/UI emphasis

starting from $100 000

up to $350 000

Complex, multi-phase, multi-platform software product

starting from $250 000

$1 000 000+