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Recent examples

Here are some examples of projects we've worked on in recent months. This will assist you in understanding how pricing can differ depending on factors such as size and complexity.


12 Months

Real Estate B2B Platform

A custom web application, UI/UX, payment method integrated, chat, token economy and community management partner.


8 Months

Art platform

A custom web application, smart contract, UI/UX, tailored user dashboard, on demand backend content manager.


2 Months

eCommerce Clothing Shop

A personalised international clothing shop managing 300+ products, payment methods integrated.


4 Months

NFT Marketplace Platform

A complete suit of tools to manage the NFT marketplace integrated in a web application.


1 Months

Personal Branding eCommerce Website

Market digital products, manage blog articles, payment methods integrated.


5 Months

Healthcare Industry Platform

HR management platform for the healthcare industry.

How we arrive at our Prices

Our product innovation and software development is user-centric and efficient. Our small teams are focused and talented, able to complete projects on time and within budget.

The foundations of the project Explained

The foundation of the project has a modular microservices architecture composed of a group of components that can be used as the foundation for a new project.
With the seed in place, the project has a head start on the code that is already done. This allows the team to focus on developing the CORE: custom functionalities and all the interfaces.

Foundation Modules

Most of the projects have a common set of functionalities or modules that are always necessary, such as email services, password recovery, email validation, etc. That is exactly what the foundation covers.

Payment Models

  • Simpler budgeting and accounting

  • Clearer understanding of milestones, deliverables, and results

  • More detailed reporting

A fixed form of payment around payment frequency is a convenient option for the clients who are looking for straightforward clarity in the development process with an emphasis on deliverables and the end result.

It's a more simplified and clear payment procedure and is primarily based on fixed milestones rather than worked hours, and does not include the number of working days or holidays.

  • Milestones may vary from days to months;

  • Holidays and sick leaves are discussed separately;

  • The client can make changes to the project;

  • RocheGrup Softwares isn't responsible for downtime;

  • Small projects usually have a longer time of development.